International Association for Support of Ukraine

Treatment and rehabilitation of wounded in Ukraine

Our main accomplishments in 2014
  • Medical treatment, rehabilitation, prosthesis, diagnostics of the injured Maidan protesters and ATO fighters:
    91 people in the countries of Western Europe (medical treatment – 29, rehabilitation – 48, diagnostics – 12, prosthesis – 7 places)
    27 people in Ukraine
    13 places in progress (USA and Europe)
  • 4 missions of the Western doctors to Ukraine with the purpose of performing examinations and diagnostics of the injured, conducting surgeries and sharing experience:
    examined 150,
    – diagnosed 80,
    – performed surgeries for 10 severely wounded
  • Supplied medicines in equivalent of 265 thousand UAH financed by the Embassy of France in Ukraine
  • Supply of medications and equipment to the Ukrainian hospitals:
    23 20-tonn medical shipments from abroad (Germany, Lithuania, France, Estonia, Czech Republic)
    2 reanimation vehicles
  • Supply of humanitarian help for the victims in the ATO area as well as for the refugees and migrants, organized distribution points in cooperation with the Ukrainian National Guard in the cities of: Artemivsk, Lysychansk, Dnipropetrovsk
  • On tactical medicine trainings across Ukraine, over 700 paramedics were trained
  • Established cooperation with 27 partners

МАПУ у 2014


In 2015 we will continue working on our current projects and respond to new challenges.

In the nearest future (winter) at least 5 charity shipments and 3 reanimation vehicles are to be delivered.
Also we are actively working on: next mission of the Western physicians to Ukraine with the purpose of treating severely wounded and exchanging professional knowledge, 13 people are being arranged for receiving treatment, prosthetics and rehabilitation abroad.