International Association for Support of Ukraine

About us

We, Ukrainians from all over the World, having met on Facebook, started working remotely as a single team at the end of February 2014. We gathered for the first time in July to register our charity organization.

Why we united into a charity organization

Since the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity protests in Ukraine in December 2013 to the bloody events of February 2014 about 3 000 people were injured, hundreds of which were severely wounded. However, that was not the end of the Ukraine’s tough times for the country had to defend its territorial integrity in its eastern regions. The numbers of injured and severely wounded keep growing each day an so are growing the numbers of those who need special medical care, prosthetics and rehabilitation. Ukrainian health-care system is not yet ready to cope with treating complex wounds and their growing numbers due to the shortage of medical equipment, supplies and drugs, Ukraine’s limited access to certain modern technologies and shortage in funds of medical institutions.

Prior to the tragic events, none of us was even thinking of engaging in charity. But we had no other choice but to unite for helping our wounded heroes get medical treatment in Ukraine and abroad as well as for supporting social changes in Ukraine.

Our representatives

Roman Hanapolskyy and Tetyana Khomenko – Austria
Olha and Dmytro Puzhay – Germany
Anton Horshkov – Slovakia
Olha Durbak-Chuiko and Taras Durbak – Ukraine
Dmytro Atamaniuk – France

Mass media about us

Ukraine joins effort to rehabilitate wounded combatants – 05.01.2015

Interview with holy father Boghdan and Olha Durbak-Chuiko – 26.12.2014

Ukrainian combatants delivered aid for immigrants in Kramatorsk – 25.12.2014

Interview with Olha Durbak-Chuiko and Olha Puzhay – 20.12.2014

Press-conference. "International Association for Support of Ukraine" – 12.12.2014

Military hospital of Cherkasske village and central area hospital received first part of humanitarian aid (page of Novomoskovsk area of Dnipropetrovsk Region) – 10.12.2014

CF "Karitas-Kyiv" together with CF "International Association for Support of Ukraine" have provided more than 120 tons of humanitarian aid for people in the anti-terrorist operation area – 08.12.2014

Austrian surgeons operated on a wounded ATO combatant in Lviv (video, Zaxid.Net TV) – 03.10.2014

In less than a year 75 wounded Ukrainians received surgeries in Europe at no cost – 03.10.2014

An Austrian professor came to Lviv to perform a complex surgery for a wounded Ukrainian soldier – 03.10.2014

Austrian doctors performed complex surgeries for wounded Ukrainian soldiers at no cost – 03.10.2014

Canadian physicians will treat the wounded warriors in Lviv military hospital – 03.10.2014

Central Hospital of Frontier Guards received aid from Germany – 04.09.2014

Central Hospital of Frontier Guards received another considerable charity aids – 04.09.2014

Medical supplies included in 20-ton humanitarian aid exceeding €150 thousand Euros. – 04.09.2014

Germany supplied humanitarian-medical air to Ukraine – 03.09.2014

Ukraine received 20 tons of humanitarian aid from Germany – 03.09.2014

Международные волонтеры и местные организации помогают раненым украинцам – 22.08.2014

Volunteering for ATO. Ukraine Crisis Media Center, 21st of August 2014 (video, Ukraine Crisis Media Center) – 21.08.2014

The epidemiological situation in the ATO area is extremely dangerous – expert – 21.07.2014

Press-conference: &quout;Delivering medical aid to injured in the ATO area: problems and prospective solutions&quout; – 23.06.2014

Delivering medical aid to injured in the ATO area: problems and prospective solutions (video, UkrInformTv) – 23.06.2014

Andriy Zhupnik, who lost his hand on Maidan, returned to Ukraine from Austria (video, Hromadske TV) – 13.06.2014

Austrian physicians recovered another wounded Maidan protester – 22.04.2014

Austrian physicians recovered wounded Maidan protester (відео, 24tv) – 22.04.2014

Social Networks About Us

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